5 Weeks
5 Masterclasses
Embody your true Money Codes

For the woman who knows what she wants and is no longer afraid to receive it. Let’s not only enjoy your finished result and get intimate with and experience more pleasure every step of your way.

Money the Feminine Way is trusting your hell yes over your head.
Money the Feminine Way is trusting your intuition over their logic.
Money the Feminine Way is trusting yourself over anyone.



The Masterclasses:

1. Unlock your Wealth code
Abundance Transmission
Welcome your divine abundance in

2. Wealth & how to receive it
Tune into your divine wealth and learn how to receive it in life, love & business.

3. Energic debt, shame & haviness about money
Learn how to hold more of all that you want & truly embody the you that you are meant to be.

4. Open yourself up for more
Money Magic
Feminine Abundance
Learning how to invite money into your life without working more, harder or different.

5. Your new Wealth reality
This week you will dive into the new you with money & the impact you want to make in your life, love & business.


Including embodiment practices, money mindset and all the sacred space you need to welcome in your true abundance. During these 5 weeks my team and I will support you in all your questions.

Wealth is for you when you:
* Believe in your magic and want to do things the feminine way.
* Want to enjoy money again and know you were born for more.
* Not only want the result but also want to feel more pleasure along the way.

When you are ready to step into your next level feminine leadership in life, love and business, we are ready for you. 

Wealth starts 29/11 and you can get your ticket through this link.
Payment in two installments is possible too. Click this link to pay in two installments of 278 euro.

When you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through info@www.cindystal.nl or through DM on Social Media.

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