Py$$y Oracle

555.00 excl. BTW

I can’t wait to start this 4 wk Program together. Pussy Oracle opens all the magic in you that is ready to be revealed. Be prepared to lift the veils of all that is already there and ready to be claimed.

Opening the body on a deeper level.
Clearing the throat chakra to speak your next level truth.
Stepping into your higher level.

No more holding back!

You are here for so much more and you know it.
Your deeper wisdom is flowing through your body.
Little whispers turn into screams of the heart.

This is your time and you know it.
Just as you always knew.

Let’s open the Sacred Space for your Uplevel to come to life.
Speak louder
Claim more
And receive without settling.

Pu$$y Oracle you are so welcome.
Later this week the program dates and more info will be revealed.
But for now the Oracle in me welcomes the Oracle in you.
Register here or claim your VIP spot through this link.

If you prefer to pay in installments, click here.

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